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India Phone Number List: start after 50 years!
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Wysłany: Nie 02 Sty, 2022 09:00   India Phone Number List: start after 50 years!

"We are not screwed at 50, we are in the prime of life" exclaims Frédéric Meierhans , inspector specializing in group insurance for GAN as well as host of this India Phone Number List of the SME Fair (formerly the Salon des micro-entreprises) . The room is full, mostly made up of seniors, and applause is heard. For an hour, Maître Cécile Moreira , corporate counsel, and André-Paul Bahuon , President of the Creative group, recalled the different stages necessary for the creation of a company as well as its legal properties.
Maître Moreira India Phone Number List ​affirms that the auto-entrepreneur scheme created in 2008 allowed the creation of 50,000 businesses by seniors during 2009. According to her, the forecasts for 2010 would be on the rise. The lawyer also reminded the assembly that since 2009, it is possible to combine the retirement pension with the earnings of entrepreneurship.

Age is not a barrier to entrepreneurship: “We have experience, a certain wisdom, our liveliness is very present! »Declares André-Paul Bahuon , recently in his fifties. “If you have a project and you are motivated, whatever your age: get started! »Concludes Frédéric Meierhans to a general applause. Among the audience for this India Phone Number List is Alain Cornu . As he approaches sixty, this former dog handler wants to create the first network of cynotechnical training centers (relating to the use of dogs) in France. This project in mind for more than 10 years and convinced by the conference, he is only waiting for the approval of his future partner to embark on the adventure in EURL.
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